Monday 18th of January

Good morning folks, hope all is well! Had a really nice chat with a mate / fellow trader last night so I’m full of energy, well, maybe it’s because I woke up late today…

Anyway enough talk πŸ™‚ Let’s jump straight into what interest you. Oh and fair warning, most of the set-ups won’t happen today or tomorrow, it’s likely that we’ll see a rather slow start to the week.

FX Watchlist


Aussie Kiwi is approaching an area of supply, however it is doing so in an rather slanted manner. Hopefully we’ll see a clear move higher, a rejection and a scrip entry,.


Euro Swiss is another pair on my watchlist that’s still quite far away from an area of interest. That being said, I am looking for both long and shorts, if the price is to pull back and retest the trendline – the I’ll be looking for a potential short within the area of supply. If the price keeps dropping I’ll then switch my focus to a potential long.


Dollar Yen is a pair I’ll be looking to buy if a double bottom is formed – we still haven’t broken out of the larger descending trendline we did break a more recent one / a smaller one.

There’s no weekly stack, however we have a nice monthly so I’ll be able to execute it if a script entry is given to me.

That’s it in terms of pairs that could give an entry in the next few days I believe, let’s wait and remain patient πŸ™‚

Daily Book:

Currently reading Discipline is equal to Freedom by Jocko Willink, I’m not sure I’ll finish it, rather just bashing over and over the fact that you’re the only person responsible for it.

Daily tweet:

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