Friday 15th of January 2021

Morning folks! Hope all is well.

There’s nothing that drastically changed since yesterday so my watchlist remains rather similar, the only difference being EUR/CHF has now confirmed the break below its trendline and therefore created a new area of supply.

FX Watchlist


Euro Swiss has now broke its previous low and had two daily closes below the ascending trendline / phase line. I am now looking for a potential short trade once the price pulls back to the 1.082 area.


Pound Yen is a currency pair I’ll keep my eyes on for the next week or two – we are now in the middle between two areas of interest, one for a long position (a counter zone that was created with yesterday’s push higher) and a short position that was created back in Feb. 2020.

The price has a 300 pip range before reaching one of the areas I am interested in, that type of volatility can easily be done in a day or two, it’ll be worth keeping our eyes out.

Let’s wait for next week for the other pairs.

Have a fantastic end to this week. Make sure you use your time wisely.

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