Wednesday 13th of January 2021

Good morning folks! Hope all is well on your side.

Figured I should update you on my GBP/JPY position dating back late December, it’s now closed for a -1R. That made my Q4 a negative quarter, at -0.6%, glad I managed to cut losses short that quarter was rough.

Enough talk about the past, let’s look forward!

Oh and before we do that, I forgot, I created a position size calculator for FX on google sheets since the one I used turned into a paying one.
It was cheap, but I wanted to use my brain and create a new one… Anyway, here’s the link:

You just have to create a copy of it and it’s yours

FX Watchlist


Pound Swiss is getting closer to the area of supply – waiting to see a potential reversal once we reach it. The weekly stack is rather gorgeous and it is approaching the previous high that showed several rejections back in 2020


Euro Dollar is starting to move back higher to reach an area of supply, that area of supply broke an ascending trendline, so definitely quite keen on it.

The monthly / weekly chart looks rather gorgeous, keeping my eyes out.


Dollar Yen recently broke above a phase line, if we see a double bottom – I’ll be looking to take a potential long set-up. There’s no clear weekly stack, however there’s a monthly stack I’d be willing to use, so all is well 🙂

Let’s wait and see

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