Tuesday 12th of January 2021

Good morning folks! Hope all is well, if you folks have been keeping your eyes out, daily zones have been working out recently which is always nice, let’s remain patient! We have an edge, but the consistency in our expected returns comes from being patient.

FX Watchlist


Aussie Yen is potentially forming a double top formation, if we see the price reach the previous high and give us a script entry to the downside I’ll be looking to position myself short.


Euro Aussie is also forming a potential double bottom formation retesting a clear area of demand. If we reach the previous lows.


Pound Swiss was on watch last week, or two weeks ago, we are now approaching (once again) the area of supply, let’s see if we reach it.

Daily Book

A Girl in Moscow is the book I’m currently reading, rather enjoying seeing how applicable things still are, humanity still hasn’t really changed since the late 50s.

Just realized that doing a google research of that name didn’t bring the book up, I may have the title wrong… Oh well..

I definitely recommend reading old books, it’s fantastic to see her being in a jet plane and being so excited about it, talking about the first Sputnick etc etc.

Daily Tweet

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