Friday 8th of January

Good morning folks! I hope you’re well and enjoying a freshly brewed cup of coffee!

I’ll admit, went to see a few friends on Wednesday, and discovered that coffee shops were open (to take away) in that city, just not my town, so I was rather happy 🙂

So life is good? Getting closer to the date coffee shops will open back up!

Anyway, enough talk, let’s jump into my FX Watchlist

FX Watchlist


Aussie Yen as mentioned yesterday is within the zone, it’s actually spent over 24 hours in the zone, so that’s a big minus on my side of things, however since we are so clearly higher than were we saw some consolidation I’m okay with it.

That being said, I’ll want to see a clear entry either at 3pm or 7pm – if we don’t get an entry by then I won’t act on the opportunity if one presents itself later on.


Euro Aussie on the other hand just reached the area of interest so I’ll be looking to position myself in a long as soon as an opportunity that fits my trading plan shows itself.

Nothing is guaranteed, it may just keep dropping, in which case we’ll have a nice new counter zone and we’ll be approaching another area of interest.

That’s it for today. No trades taken this week, a lot of opportunity shaping up in the market, we just have to remain patient and wait for them.

Daily Book

Still reading a book that’s mainly composed of interviews, I think it’ll be more interesting to listening to them rather than reading them so I’ll jump ship and start a new book today. I’ll be reading @The Elements of Style by William Strunk, it’s apparently the bible for better writing.

I think writing is a skill that everyone should develop, one at which I’m not that great either, so… Going to take a few notes 🙂

Daily Tweet

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