Wednesday 30th of December

Good morning folks! It’s crazy to this we’re already the 30th of December!

What an incredible year it has been, it went by rather quickly in my books, I’ll have to do a year review this week 🙂 If you have any advice, hit me up 🙂

To update you on my trades, NZD/JPY dating back to the 2nd of december finally closed out for -1R, I have to say, the carry was rather heavy, over 10% of the final loss was due to it… I did consider moving the position to breakeven after the clear break and retest of the 4h 50EMA, however it’s not part of my trading plan.

All in all, I am happy I executed this trade and followed my trading plan 🙂

That puts me down around -3R for trades taken in this month with GBP/JPY short x2 still open. That lets me know I’ll be at maximum either up 5.5R or at -5R for the month so far.

If I take an additional trade that will of course change things

Anyway, enough talk, let’s dive into the watchlist

FX Watchlist


Aussie Swiss remains on watch for me, I am still looking for a potential short play on this area of supply, we nearly reached it before the move lower, however we didn’t quite make it and it didn’t give me an entry opportunity either.


Euro Aussie is starting to get closer to its area of demand, we’re still quite far away from it, so I’ll be surprised if we get a trade before 2021, but it’s always worth mentioning 🙂


Euro Dollar is approaching the area I had outlined in one of my previous posts, this area is extremely interesting, the weekly stack is also gorgeous. It’s doubtful it will be reached before 2021 tho.


Pound Kiwi is a pair I’ll be watching for a potential long in early 2021, will take its time to get there I believe, especially due to the slim weekly stack we have, I have drawn it on the chart with the green box, it’s only in that area that I’ll be able to take the trade for a long

That’s it for me today at least

Have a fantastic one folks.

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