Friday 18th of December

Good morning folks! Hope you slept well and got a good head start to your day.

It’s time to start planning what we’re going to be working on next year. Send me through your plans I’d love to see them. I’ll start planning my year today, well, start mediating on that thought to really be clear and let my subconscious decide what it needs.

Anyway, I’m still short on my NZD/JPY initial position, this one isn’t going anywhere in a hurry apparently.

That being said, let’s dive into my watch?

FX Watchlist


While I did take several trades short on GBP/CAD earlier this month / late in November, I am also looking for a potential short now.

We ended up breaking the ascending trendline it had created for itself on the previous short, the weekly is stacked, hence I’m interested in a potential short.

The price action has been in this zone for a while now, however since the zone is rather big, I am okay with that, as long as the price heads higher than it currently has before giving me a script entry


Pound Yen is my second pair on watch for today, while it is currently forming a triple top, I am not interested in taking a short right now, instead I’d want it to break slightly higher, around to 141 before giving me a script entry.

If the price starts dropping form here, a lot of retail traders will be taking a short, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see the price move higher to 141 to give the institutions the liquidity they need to enter the market.

The weekly stack is rather gorgeous 🙂

That’s it for my watch 🙂

Daily Book

I have started the book Sparata: The Rise of a Warrior Nation, not the biggest fan, it focuses a bit too much on historical dates and tries to really balance what happened, which is interesting in itself, however I’m more looking into what and how they became Sparta if that makes any sense.

That being said, it’s slowly getting there, so I’ll just have to be a patient a few more hours 🙂

Daily Tweet

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