Thursday 17th of December

Good morning folks! Slowly but surely getting closer to Christmas! Hope you’re getting all the christmasy apparel out 🙂

Looks like today will be a quiet one – before getting too far tho let’s update you on my AUD/USD position

Trade update

AUD/USD 1hour scale in has reached my stop loss, as well as my original 4hour entry. I am no longer in this position

These two trades both resulted in -1R – so I am running -2R on those two trades.

I happens, not much I can do except try to learn something from them, if there’s something to learn that is.

One of my friends mentioned the importance of time when taking a 1hour scale in, so I’ll have a look into that information! Could help out a lot

Now if we may, let’s dive into my watchlist for today?

FX Watchlist


Cad Yen remains on top of my watch for today – except it doesn’t have a higher time frame stack sadly. So we won’t be trading it.


Mainly mentioning pound yen because otherwise I wouldn’t have anything on my watchlist and that would feel rather sad. The markets are slowly moving in direction of potential trade areas, but they’re taking their time

For this pair, we have a clear trendline break area of supply with a gorgeous weekly stack / supply area so I’ll be looking to take a short if the opportunity presents itself!

That’s it for me for today, am I missing something?

Daily book

Gave up on the monk who sold his ferrari, it started to become to repetitive and preachy for me. Might as well move to a new book rather than forcing myself to read something I’m not really enjoying

Will be trying to find books on Sparta, I think they had a rather unique view on life that could benefit all of us. Will let you know if I find a good book on Scribd.

Daily Tweet

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