Friday 11th of December

Good morning folks!

This one is going to be a quickie, no point diving into my watchlist for next week? It’ll be done on Monday anyway 🙂

Before we jump on my watchlist, I’ll just update you folks on my GBP/CAD position. I have now trailed my stop on the 4hour scale in to 1.7238

Anyway, enough talk, let’s dive into my watchlist.

FX Watchlist


Aussie Dollar is the only pair I have on watch for a potential short. We are now approaching an area of supply created on the 13th of June 2019.

As per usual, I will wait for the zone to be triggered and then see a script entry indicating a potential short set-up

There’s a nice weekly stack so I have no problem taking a short if it fits my rules 🙂

Tried to zoom out as far as I could to show you the area of interest – hence the low quality of the screenshot 🙂

Daily book

Once again, I haven’t finished Unknown Market Wizards, I’m using Scribd at the moment, not too used to reading books on my phone, so it’s taking me more time than if it was a paperback

Daily tweet

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