Thursday 10th of December

Good morning folks! I hope all is well 🙂

I have to come clear, I made a mistake yesterday, I thought we had two weekly stacks on AJ, however one of them wasn’t valid – hence I did not take the short. Thank you Alex C for pointing that out 🙂
I have now adjusted the area of supply

I’ll be honest, the more I look at AC the less interesting it becomes to me.

All in all quite a few changes in my ideas over yesterday

Anyway, enough talk, let’s jump into my watch?

FX Watchlist


Aussie Yen has now reached the area of supply, I adjusted the daily area to the weekly if you’re wondering why it looks different from yesterday.

I will now be looking for a potential short from this area if I get a script entry.

A short entry could happen at 11 a clock french time, I’ll have to wait and see if there’s a script entry.


Euro Aussie is the second pair on my watchlist, however this one will only remain valid if the script entry happens in the next close, I dislike trade set-ups where the price action spent 24hours and more within the zone.

If at 11 a clock I see a script entry I’ll execute the long.

That’s it for me today

AUD/CAD could be something but I’m not loving it at the moment, I dislike having to break wicks. It’s also rejecting the longer term trend line so not feeling a short there,

Daily book

Still reading Unknown Market Wizards – it’s probably the most applicable book for traders out of the entire series so far I believe. It’s more a question of how those individuals trade (today) rather than how their funds trade and things that took place several decades ago

Daily tweet

Fuck man, SpaceX is nailing it

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