Friday 4th of December 2020

Morning folks, hope you’re well,

I’m starting a three day fast today. So if you don’t see a blog update on Monday you know why 😀

Anyway, let’s dive into my watchlist

FX Watchlist


Aussie Yen is a pair I have on my watch list, as mentioned yesterday we have a clear area of supply slightly above the current price, if that zone is reached I’ll be looking for a potential short set-up. I’m not expecting it to happen today, it’s more likely to happen Monday, but we might as well keep an eye on it!

The weekly stack is clear, there’s two different options to draw it from, both are valid in my eyes.


Euro Aussie long is another aussie play I’m interested in, once again I’d be looking to short the AUD, I don’t really care for that correlation, what I do like to is the fact that price has been trapped between two levels since June.

If the price goes back into the area of demand, I’d expect a push higher to reach the previous high, or at least 1.66

Once again, there’s a clear weekly stack, so I’m happy


Dollar Yen is once again on watch, let’s see what happens this time. While this area of demand isn’t the best I’ve ever drawn, I believe it remains valid, if the price reaches it and fits my criteria to take a long I will.

I have adjusted the demand area to fit with the monthly stack

That’s it for my watch

Daily book:

Really enjoying the HBR guide to buying a small business. It’s rather fascinating all the things there’s to keep an eye on. Rather surprising how cheap they are sold at (around 3 to 5x EBITA)

Would recommend, could also be used for investing in micro caps if you’re not looking to buy an entire business or go into private equity.

Daily tweet

Hence why I’m looking at potential business investing.

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