Tuesday 1st of December

Good morning folks! I’m already wearing a christmas jumper, I’ll admit.

But hey, this Christmas jumper made it to the top of the Gerkhin! So it must be business like, we’re good

No updates on my current trades, still holding all four. So waiting to see some clear bearish moves across the GBP.

Otherwise, I only have one pair on watch, so let’s jump straight into it.

FX Watch List


Australian dollar / Kiwi is a pair I’ll be eyeing up for today.

The chart I’ll be sharing is quite zoomed out since this zone was created back in April. Now I’ll be straight up with you, I can understand why someone would say that this counter zone isn’t valid. The area of supply that we broke wasn’t fresh by the time the trend line was broken.

That’s entirely fair.

However, the fact that we saw a triple top at that level that looked quite similar to an inversed H&S pattern makes me believe there was something there. That’s why I drew the zone.

The blue line you can see if the monthly stack I didn’t adjust the daily counter zone, however, I’ll only be interested in a potential long once that blue line is reached.

In terms of follow up on this watchlist:;

I am still looking to get positioned in a gold long trade set-up.

AUD/JPY is still moving sideways between two levels of interest, I’ve talked about it enough that I don’t think I need to break it down once again

USD/JPY remains quite far away from the supply area for the potential long

GBP/JPY remains far from the area of supply as well

Will dive more in depth if tomorrow requires me to do so!

Daily book

Starting to understand the importance of skipping parts of historical books, when they start throwing number after number it’s fine to skip, if those numbers will bring any real value you’ll have a clear breakdown about them either before or afterwards.

Learning to skip parts of books is something new, I usually just go head down and read the book – but this book about the Cotton Empire requires me to do things differently it’s so well researched.

Daily tweet

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