Monday 23rd of November

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend

Let’s jump straight into my FX watchlist

Daily watchlist


Pound Cad as usual remains on top of my watch. We actually just reached the zone, so I’m waiting for a short set-up right now

I think this set-up is great, just need a script entry now


Pound Dollar is also approaching the reversal area that I’m keeping an eye on. Let’s see what happens. If the zone is reached and we then get a script entry I’ll be taking a short.


Kiwi Yen is also on my watch as per last friday, so not going to go in much detail about it today (as the previous two pairs) because we’ve been over and over these set-ups.


Dollar Yen is also on my watch for a potential long play. However, I do have to mention the fact that the trendline I have drawn on the daily isn’t the prettiest out there. I use it as an excuse to be able to have this area of demand – the price moved so strongly form there (okay it was news related but still). I wouldn’t be surprised to see the price react from there 🙂

Daily book

Finished SuperStocks from Jesse Stine, really enjoyed it, going to go back through my notes in a few days to keep everything nice and fresh inside my brain.

It really made me reflect on the importance of exits. Really enjoyed it.

His trading style requires a lot of work, to find companies worth investing in. However, he does a great job of it and managed to pull some insane % over the years.

Daily tweet

Fuck hope. Execute.

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