Friday 20th of November

Let’s get started straight away, no croissants or anything like that to talk about this morning 🙂

Ohhh actually, received a cool email yesterday. Here’s a quick blurb about it:

Do not forget about the 4% Battery Life Rule.

My laptop is at 4% right now and my charger isn’t here which means I must race to the finish line and get this email done…

… before the battery dies.

Yet if I had a full battery life, I wouldn’t be in such a rush.

But today I don’t have the luxury.

So I just sit down and type.

Not relying on inspiration or creativity or nothing.

Just pure focus, devoted to the task at hand with one goal: to get it done.

But if you look within, you will quickly discover the BIG secret to life…

What’s the BIG secret – you ask?

Time isn’t real. It’s an illusion.
(Max here, watch Interstellar guys!)

If you operate on 100% battery life every day, it will take you a lifetime to succeed.

But if you work every day as if you only have 4% battery life remaining, then you’ll get more done in less time and succeed WAY quicker.

It’s all in the mind.

And working with urgency is how you manipulate time.

4% battery life – treat every goal on your list as if this was true and watch how quickly you achieve it.

I really enjoyed that email from Tej Dosa here’s his twitter if you like his content

Daily Watch List


I’ll be eyeing up Pound Aussie for a potential short set-up. I doubt it will happen today. That being said, better to be on the ball than late.

I’m mentioning this pair even tho it doesn’t have a weekly or monthly stack since I find the set-up interesting. I won’t be executing it, there’s better set-ups across the GBP pairs.


Hell yeah, Pound Cad is still on my watch – sorry but now my watch will be exactly the same as yesterday! GBP/CAD is close to an area of supply. Liking how the 4hour price action is shaping up as well.

All in all, if there’s a script entry it will be a good Set-up. There’s several ways of drawing the higher timeframe stack too.


No big surprises here, I did just say that my watch hasn’t changed from yesterday.

Btw, don’t forget to move today folks! Gotta exercise and get some fresh air!

If we get a short from the supply area, that will be an A+ set-up. I just love the weekly.


I did mention Kiwi Yen yesterday right? I had incorrectly drawn the supply area in the past, however after correcting it, I noticed the following – it’s still fresh. Sure, it’s a long time ago, but I’d argue it’s still valid.


Last but not least, let’s mention US Yen, let’s see what happens, I definitely like the set-up, I’m only slightly hesitant due to the fact that the trend line break wasn’t that impulsive, a news announcement, I believe it was the vaccine, make it break above. There wasn’t any real follow up.

The area of demand remains valid, the monthly stack is also there, all in all, I think it’s a valid set-up.

I hope you guys enjoyed this one!

Daily book

I actually didn’t read much yesterday, well I did but… SuperStock is now showing charts he used and his research before buying stocks and how he exits positions or areas he finds value. Makes sense to me.

So it made me reflect a lot in terms of what I could use within my own trading. I’m not sure as of yet.

One thing for sure is the following: Your exits are more important than your entries. I focus a lot on my entries, for my exits I usually use the 1:3 risk reward ratio, but there could be something more there.

Will need to dig into it.

Daily tweet

Remember, you can always find a way to move forward and remain positive, no matter how dark the hole you’ve diged yourself is.

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