Tuesday 17th of November

First of, let’s congratulate SpaceX on their launch and docking to the space station. Always find those cool.

To keep you folks up to date, I’m out of GN and NU scale ins, I’m still within the original entries tho.

Anyway, enough talking, let’s dive into my watchlist

Daily watchlist


We’re even further away than we were yesterday when I mentioned this pair. It’s still on my watch, however I’m keeping it on my watch. We can see some surprising moves with the pound pairs.

The area of supply was created with the break of a trend line, the weekly stack is gorgeous so all is well.


GOr06ful (1603×962)

Not too sure how to improve the quality of these sorry folks.


Pound Yen is a set-up I’ll be eyeing up for the next week or at least until the zones are no longer fresh.

We have two potential areas, an area of demand that was created by a counter zone as well as an area of supply.


AvGXnIyh (1603×962)


As per yesterday, pound dollar remains on my watchlist. Yesterday price action didn’t change anything in my views, it was just some sideways price action.

I still believe that the area of supply could push the price lower once it’s reached. The weekly stack does a good job of selling me on this position.


LD75M5VC (1603×962)

The fact that I have three GBP pairs on watch that I want to see move higher does reinforce my belief in my GN long trade. We’ll see what happens 🙂


Euro Yen is the last pair I have on watch..I’ll be interested in a potential long. In my view we’ve broken a descending trendline since we’ve had two daily closes above it

Actually, screw that, there’s no higher time frame stack.

Sorry for that!


Daily Book

As mentioned yesterday, I’m currently going through two books at once, SuperStocks and Empire of Cotton.

Both are interesting, however I haven’t read much over the last two days. I’m not feeling too good or motivated so it’s hard to just sit with a book.

Yep, even I have issues with motivation and happiness. Can’t always live on a high.

Just have to get closer to the action and get it done no matter what, even if the session was horrible you can feel better because you did it.

Daily Tweet

Couldn’t find a cool and insightful tweet, so I hope this brings some happiness to you!

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