Friday 6th of November

Let’s dive into my watchlist straight away 🙂 No talking today, let’s go get it

PS: If you’re searching for Monday’s watchlist, here it is:

Daily Watchlist


Euro Dollar has now reached an area of supply – that being said this area of demand once adjusted to the weekly stack is minute.

We’re within the area, and I don’t want the price action to spend much more time going sideways, otherwise I’ll consider it “flat” which will mean I am no longer interested in a short set-up

EURUSD short set-up


Pound Kiwi is yet another pair I’ll be eyeing up for the rest of the week / next week.

I’ve adjusted the demand area to stack with the weekly level so it brings it a little bit lower.

GBPNZD long setup


I’ll also be eyeing up a potential short from around 1.33 which was a counter zone supply area. However there’s also another area of supply that lead to the break of the trend line.

GBPUSD short setup


Kiwi Dollar is yet another pair I’m eyeing up. There is a downside, the volatility during election day did spike into the zone, however, it was a spike into it and the price dropped from there. I’m assuming there must still be a lot of orders in that area to have such an impact

Therefore I’ll look for shorts from this area of supply however, I’ll be quite careful since the zone is no longer “fresh”.

On top of that there’s also another area of supply that dates back to the 29th of March 2019 – so I’ll keep my eyes out

Short set-up on NZDUSD


Dollar to Singapore Dollar is another pair I am eyeing up for today.

We are getting closer to the area of demand that started a strong trend higher while also breaking a descending trend line. It dates back to January, but I believe it’s still valid

The weekly stack is also rather clear so I’m happy to execute

USDSGD long setup

Daily Book

I’m still going through Margin of Safety by Seth Klarman, so far so good, I look forward to reading it and re-reading it afterwards.

It was written in the 90s, but it’s so still applicable, it’s impressive.

The market doesn’t change because human psychology remains the same over the years 🙂

Daily Tweet

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