Wednesday 4th of November

Having taken yesterday off I feel surprisingly fresh and excited to get back on the charts. Looking back at what happened, quite a few of my areas of interest were reached and the prince bounced from them

EUR/CAD – GBP/JPY – NZD/USD – USD/CHF – USD/SGD all reached my areas of interest and bounced off them.

Happy to see the areas of supply and demand work out. It’s funny to know how the markets could foresee / decide what happens ahead of time.

EUR/CAD is the only one that gave an entry – it would be running 1% as of now. It happened at 7am yesterday but I did not execute on it due to the election.

No regret, safety first.

Anyway, enough talking, let’s dive into my daily watchlist (I’ll only take a trade once the results are for certain in the US, but it’s basically a fact now that Trump won)

Daily Watchlist


I’ll be looking for a potential long from the demand area of 0.8928 and lower. That being said, the current 4 hour price action is quite bullish so I do not know if the price will reach it.

This demand area has a weekly stack, I did not adjust my zone to fit the weekly stack as of yet, but I’ll do so once the price reaches the area of interest.

EURGBP set up for a potential long trade

Honestly, that’s it

Most of the zones are now either no longer fresh or we’re still quite far away from the areas that interest me, or require at least an extra daily close to confirm

Daily Book

I’ve been going through quite a lot of documents I had been putting off for quite a while. Feels good, I may start taking a day off per week to catch up on reading the documents I put aside.

That being said, having finished Alpha Masters yesterday (a good book about hedge fund managers, there’s great advice to everyone looking to open / start a hedge fund.

One of the books recommended in it was Safety Margin by Seth Klarman.

It’s out of print, the second hand copies are selling for over 700$ and I’ve found a PDF I uploaded to my kindle.

It’s rather interesting – it’s about value investing, not FX trading, but I find it fascinating.

Daily Tweet

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