Monday 2nd of November

Happy new month, I hope you’re ready for an exciting one! With the US rate, the US election, the GBP rate coming out this week we should see some serious volume. Let’s see what happens.

Don’t worry, I did dress up for Halloween! I hope you folks did too, we should never grow too serious we forget where we come from!

We’ve only got two months before the end of the yea, so I hope you’re keeping up with the goals you had set yourself.

Daily Watchlist


I’ll be eyeing up Canadian dollar / Swiss franc as per usual – it’s never truly left my watch since mid September as many pairs.

I like the supply area, which we are quite close to as well as the demand area, so wherever the price decides to go towards, I’ll be keeping it on watch.

CADHCHF chart set-up


Euro / Canadian Dollar is a more complicated set-up, it relies on the fact that I believe the zone dating back to September 7th has been broken, which then lead to the creation of a counter-zone which then was itself broken by another counter-zone.

All those fancy words to say, I believe the area between 1.55 and 1.54 to be of interest for a potential long set-up.

We also have a clear weekly set-up, once I prefer compared to CADCHF. And yes, it makes sense for me to be wanting to buy both, CHF usually does the opposite than the Euro.

EURCAD long set-up


Last but not least we can see that the US Dollar / the Singapore Dollar just broke out of its descending trendline.

That being said, the break is nothing too exciting, it’s made of two imbalance candles, so we’ll see what happens.

However, following my rules that does mean we’ve seen the creation of an imbalance area, a supply zone.

That being said, the weekly stack will require it to go quite “deep within this zone” for me to be interested

USDSGD long set-up

Daily Book

Finished reading the Art of Learning and Exhalation. I did enjoy the Art of learning so I’d recommend it to everyone that’s looking for a book to read

If you’re looking for an interesting conversation check this one out. Josh and Adam Robinson are two of the people I look up to when I want to listen to smart minds.

However, I am currently re-re-re-reading Alpha Masters, one of my favorite books about hedge fund managers (way better than market wizards in my humble opinion)

If you want to run a hedge fund, if you want to understand what they do, if you want to understand their theories about risk, if you want to gain a deeper understanding of managing OPM it’s a great one.

Daily Tweet

Honestly I’ve been scrolling down for a while. I haven’t find anything that made me reflect.

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