Friday 30th of October

Well this is how the month comes to a close.

A slow month, with only two trades taken on this strategy. Small negative month but that happens (negative since I closed my AUD/JPY for -0.7R instead of letting it reach my stop loss.

I decided to close my position early since I came to realize I need to learn how to close my losing positions earlier and let my runners run.

Still looking to find good reasons to close positions early with clear statistics behind it.

Anyway, enough blurb, let’s dive straight into my daily watchlist!

Daily Watchlist


Canadian dollar / swiss franc is one of the pairs I’ll be eyeing up today. We are approaching the area of interest which has a weekly stack.

This supply area is created by breaking the descending trend line that was created in June.

I like the area, the only question is whenever or not it reaches it and gives me a valid script entry.

That being said, we saw some clear momentum to the upside yesterday so we’ll see if the price reaches the supply area.

CADCHF long setup

And that’s it!

End of the month yet I only have one pair on watch for today.

Have a fantastic weekend folks!

Daily Book

I’ve picked up Josh Waitzkin “The art of learning” (that’s an affiliate link to Amazon) – I’m around 200 pages in. Really enjoying it so far.

It’s interesting how I’ve recently started looking into the importance of foundations in your skills and yet again it comes up in this book too!

Would recommend it. I’ll do a breakdown once I’ve finished it.

Daily Tweet (thread)

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