Wednesday 28th of October

Exciting day folks, got a few pairs on watch for today! It’s been a while. In other news I’ve also moved my stop to break-even on my AUD/CHF long.

Survived my first 24 hours of fasting – 48 hours to go!

Anyway, enough blurb, let’s dive straight into my daily watchlist!

If you’re searching for the updated watchlist of Thursday 29th here it is:

Daily Watchlist


Kiwi Dollar is approaching my first area of interest, as previously mentioned I wouldn’t be surprised if the price reached a level that’s a bit higher. That being said, I will execute if an entry is provided within this zone.

The zone I am using is based off the two last imbalance candles before the wedge pattern broke down. We’ll see what happens from there!

The main drawback from this pair is the fact that the current price action is slanted, and we all know (if you’re a regular at least) that I do not like slanted price action leading up to an entry so… We’ll see!

NZDUSD Short as always


The zone I have on Euro Canadian it rather less pretty and less obvious than the one on kiwi dollar, I’ll be the first to admit that.

However, it remains valid here’s the breakdown=

1- We have a zone that lead to trend line break dating back to the 7th of September

2- We have a counter zone on the 9th of October, there’s two candles that closed below the imbalance level created on the 7th – so this level is valid.

3- We then processed to break above the zone (and closed two days in a row) on the 23rd and 24th. which leads us to having a counter zone on the 16th of October.

Makes sense right?

Oh and yes there’s a weekly stack too!

EUR/CAD long


Okay so EUR/JPY is relying on a counter-zone that dates back from the 17th of July.

However, we can see that the real supply area was the imbalance candle of the 21st of July – so I’m more hesitant for this position – the 21st doesn’t fit my rules so using the imbalance level of the 17th.

On top of that hesitation in terms of validity of the supply area, there’s another “hick” the weekly stack doesn’t exactly reach it, it only reaches the low of the 28th of September.

To take a position here we’d require it to be really at the top of the zone and strong enough to close inside the weekly stack.

All in all, this position isn’t ideal, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened – if it does I’ll execute

EUR/JPY long set-up

Daily Book

On top of the book I was reading yesterday – Exhalation – I’ve picked up Josh Waitzkin “The art of learning” (that’s an affiliate link to Amazon)

I think he’s one of the most interesting people out there, I enjoy podcasts with him so I figured I should pick up the book!

Would recommend it to parents that’s for sure!

That being said, I’m probably only a quarter through so… Still a long way to go!

Daily Tweet

Be strange 🙂

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