Thursday 22nd of October

After listening to Naval Podcast with Tim Ferris yet another time I’ve started looking into tokenized stable coins. My thinking if currently going this way:

If we were able to use a broker and invest tokenized stable coins instead of cash, we wouldn’t have to pay taxes on the returns we make up until we transfer the stable coin into cash right?

Because it would remain in an investment form.

From there if we’re able to use stable coins for payments… Would enable us to never transfer the stable coin into cash… And hence pay no taxes?


However, it would be interesting to know how it would work, if only to reduce taxation rates, build an account quickly over five years etc

That being said, let’s dive into my daily watchlist?!

Daily Watchlist


I’m liking GBP/AUD for a potential short, we are reaching a counter zone area, so there’s going to be demand around this area. As mentioned yesterday there’s also a clear weekly stack, so in terms of higher timeframes we have everything we want to see in a trade.

On the 4 hour chart we can see how corrective the price action remains, and it’s not part of my plan to take a position if the price leading up to an entry is slanted.

gbpaud short idea


Pound Dollar is another pair I am eyeing up for today, for a short that is, we are getting quite close to two areas of supply.

Both zones are stacked by the same weekly, which lead to a strong weekly move lower, so we’ll see if it’s still there, but this area on the weekly chart seems strong. Hence I’ll be willing to take trades off the two zones

The first zone is a counter zone, but it’s rather close to a trend line break zone, which I usually prefer, so I’ll see how the price action is once it gets to the first zone, ideally it would reach the second zone, the trend line break before providing me with a script entry.

GBP/USD short from supply

Book wise…

I’m still reading How to Live: Or A Life of Montaigne in One Question and Twenty Attempts at an Answer – it’s interesting to look back at someone who lived over 500 years ago and realize that they were asking themselves the exact same questions as we are, but also as Seneca close to 2 thousand years ago.

It really shows the importance of looking back at history to predict the future, we are humans, we don’t change.

There was a beheading in France this week of a school teacher because he showed caricatures of Muhammad –> It’s a fucking tragedy, but if we look back at Montaigne’s time there was the Catholic v Protestant war in France with loads of beheading, murders, putting people on fire…. Same shit back in the Stoic times sadly…

I really wish we would evolve.

Anyway… To change subject

Tweet of the day

On that note, have a fantastic day!

Cheers for reading !

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