Monday 19th of October

I love trading, that’s it, I said it! There’s just so many things you can do, discover, test, use, learn, ignore etc. It’s just lovely 🙂

Legit I prefer developing my trading skills than playing video games, I find it insane.

If you’re wondering why I’m so happy it’s because I’m currently developing a scalping method with a friend, however this strategy will remain under wraps, since it’s scalping it’s a lot more intense, and can accept less capital per trade, so definitely want to keep it private!

That being said, let’s dive into my daily watchlist?!

Daily Watchlist


I’ll be eyeing up a short on Euro Aussie from the 1.665 area I’ve been talking about since, well, mid June, we’ll see if the price reaches it or not

It;s a break from the previous S&D zone dating back to April, it has a weekly stack, it’s pretty, we’ll see if the price reaches it

OEMfEl6d (1613×962)

Over the next few days I’m also keeping my eyes on AUD/CHF – AUD/JPY – CAD/CHF – EUR/CHF – EUR/GBP – USD/CHF – USD/SGD.

That being said, none of them look like they may give us a set-up today, so I’ll keep you informed tomorrow if anything gets closer to their zones!

Book wise…

I’ve received my new book, How to Live: Or A Life of Montaigne in One Question and Twenty Attempts at an Answer , I’m round one third done, I quite like it, it’s interesting, that being said, there are times when it diverges a bit too far away from Montaigne, at the moment it’s talking about Descartes, Blaise Pascal and other philosophers that weren’t his contemporary to show the impact of his work.

While I appreciate the thoroughness, I’d prefer if it focused on the content he created.

Would recommend it so far tho, it’s rather interesting!

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