Thursday 15th of October

AUD/NZD reached the zone I was telling you about yesterday, however it did not offer me an entry, which I am happy about, since it would’ve been a loss by now.

That’s why we have rules, people may be sad when they don’t get an entry, but in the end, we have rules, it is those rules and my competencies that make me a profitable trader. Might as well follow them no? 🙂

Let’s dive straight into it

Daily Watchlist

I don’t have anything on watch today

A few pairs have alerts on them, however, I doubt we’ll get an entry

Here is the list of pairs I have alerts on:

  1. CAD/CHF (short)
  2. NZD/USD (short)
  3. USD/CHF (long)
  4. USD/SGD (long)
  5. USOIL (short)

I’ve talked about all of these (except the USD/SGD) charts before, so I’m not going to elaborate on them today.

Hopefully they’ll move towards their respective demand and supply zones today and give us an entry tomorrow 🙂

Book wise…

Finished reading Red Rising (the first one), don’t think I’ll jump on the following ones, I know them quite well. Instead I’ve fallen back on American Assassin,

I’ve order How to Live: A life of Montaigne in one question –> It should get delivered on Saturday so will get into that one this weekend.

I’ll leave you with one quote from Red Rising:

What we must study is humanity. In order to rule, ours must be the study of political, psychological, and behavioral science:

how desperate human beings react to one another,
how packs form,
how armies function,
how things fall apart and why.

You could learn this nowhere else but here.”

Thought it was extremely true, humanity is cyclical, everything repeats itself, so might as well study past politics, psychology and behavioral science. Even the market is created by the sum of its participants, hence it’s a reflection of humanity.

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