Wednesday 14th of October

Let’s jump straight into my watchlist, I’m already behind my schedule… The book I started was too good to put down…

Daily Watchlist


Been mentioning this pair for a while, and we’re now inside the zone I’m keeping an eye on, it’s possible that I’ll take an entry in the next two hours if it closes above 1.0775 and becomes a full body candle.

There’s a clear monthly stack, yes structure is indicating a potential third rejection – and that the price will remain in a wedge, however every wedge needs to break at a point. So why not now.

AUDNZD long set-up, it's a buy in 2hours if it closes above 1.0775 and remains a full body candle


Cad Swiss is the second pair on my watch for today that I believe could give an entry

We are getting closer to an area of supply, time will tell if it reaches it. Can’t predict when the zone will be reached.

After all, it’s been ranging since the beginning of September so… Wouldn’t be surprised if it took a while longer.

I like the weekly stack so that’s okay for me.

CADJPY short area of supply

That’s it for today.

I’ll mainly focus my day on trying to refine the zones I draw..

Book wise…

I’ve picked up Red Rising, I’ve already read it, but I seemed to remember there were good and thought parts about managing a civilization that spreads across several planets.

On top of that it also shows the creation of a society from scratch in an area – with a lot of action, so I kinda like it 😀

Always interesting to look into it.

Science Fiction always makes me think, I’ll admit to that

Here’s a quote from the book I liked from yesterday on the topic of perfection:

Perfection means control. Self control. I am permitted to indulge in vices as long as I never permit them to usurp control. Eat the fish, but leave 20% to indicate it’s deliciousness did not overpower my resolve or made slaves of my taste buds

Tweet of the day

Looks like my twitter feed quality recently dropped umph – forced to go back in my retweets

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