Tuesday 13th of October

Let’s go get it – no trades were taken yesterday, spent the majority of my day on calls, have to admit, I am definitely more productive when I can just zone in and do my thing 🙂

Daily Watchlist


Been mentioning this pair for quite a while now.

The price is now within the daily zone, just not the zone I have drawn on my chart which is stacked to the monthly level, we’ll see what happens there.

If it goes without reaching my smaller zone then that’s fine I won’t be in it, and I’ll be glad to have remained true to my plan.


AUDNZD long set-up


CHF/JPY is in a similar situation as AUDNZD, it has reached the daily zone, but not the weekly one – knowing there’s a weekly stack at that level I’ll wait for the price to reach it before taking a trade, however, it may go before hand.

I see these trades as opportunities to practice my self resolve and temperance so I don’t mind it if the price never reaches my zone, I remain indifferent to it.

It’s like trying a jean on in a store, if the jean is too big, I’ll remain indifferent, I won’t buy it if it doesn’t fit me.


CHFJPY short trade


This kiwi dollar is another one we can find quite often on my watchlist, just waiting for it to reach a supply or demand area.

I like the daily area, however I’m not the biggest fan of the higher time frame stack, it’s definitely been used quite a few times so I wonder if there’s that many orders left for us to “jump on” and ride the trade to the downside


NZDUSD short


This other Swiss pair is also on my watch, the zone remains fresh, the wicks got close, but never reached into it, so I believe there’s still orders to be found there.

In my eyes this is a clear trend line break with a clear HTF stack, so I’ll be looking to take a position once the price enters the demand area, if it does.


USDCHF long set-up

That’s all the charts I’ll share today, I am still interested in the CAD pairs as well as Gold, however, they seem to still have a decent amount of room before a potential reversal.

Book wise…

I ended up reading Les Justes, from Albert Camus, a lovely and full of insights piece of theater (I usually hate theater) on revolutionaries in Russia.

Enjoyed the piece, makes you reflect on what you should stand up for, how far to take your ideas and how should you act upon them (while accepting that you may be sentencing yourself to death by acting on your ideals)

Mourir pour l’idée, c’est la seule façon d’être à la hauteur de l’idée. C’est la justification

Il y a trop de misère, et trop de crimes. Quand il y aura moins de misère, il y aura moins de crimes. Si la terre était libre, tu ne serais pas la

Not too sure what I’ll start on today. May take a day off good books and read a “trashy” book once again 🙂

Tweet of the day

Can’t find a good one today, so here’s an old one 🙂

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