Thursday 8th of October

I’m going to start off by mentioning the fact I had titled this, Friday 10th of October, so from there on, do not risk any capital on anything I say before I’ve fully woken up 🙂

Now I got (semi) good news, I have pairs on watch! Yes, I’ll have something to talk about today, I’ve got AUD/NZD, EUR/AUD, CHF/JPY and EUR/NZD on watch, I still don’t think they’ll happen today, but figured they’re close enough to be mentioned!

More importantly tho, I have now written up a blog post about my sessions with Jared Tendler (A mental game coach / author of Mental Game of Poker 1 & 2)

Here it is:

Now let’s dive into our watch

Daily Watchlist


Now I’m liking this zone, for me it’s a clear break of a zone, we can also observe a rather clean inverse head and shoulder pattern on top of this descending trend.

That being said, to make a zone valid I require that two candles close above the trendline break, so I won’t be looking for a long today, I will tomorrow if we close like this.

The monthly stack does exist, however it would greatly reduce the size of the demand zone if we were to adjust it. Ideally, we’d have a clear bullish close on this weekly before the zone is retested which would give us a clear weekly stack.

This pair will probably be on watch for the next week so keep it in mind 🙂



I’ve been talking about CHF/JPY every day since late September, (when I was looking for a long), at least it feels like it.

However, we are as close as we ever were from this supply zone for a short – if we get an entry signal on the 4 hour – the zone I have drawn in this screenshot is not adjusted to the weekly stack, I’m leaving it as is to see if it is tapped and no longer fresh.

Adjusting the zone would move the lower band go up to 116.32 – so I’ll be looking for shorts from that level

CHF/JPY short supply


If you think CHF/JPY has been on more watchlist for super long, what would you say about EUR/AUD I wonder 🙂 I’ve been keeping an eye on it since mid June…

Now I’m not going to speed too much time talking about this one, we’ve covered it many times.

Instead, I’ll just tell you to go and check out the blog post I wrote about my work with Jared – I think it really helped me, so it may help you out too! 🙂

EUR/AUD short


Last but not least, we’ve got Euro / Kiwi, it’s getting closer to it’s supply zone, so we’ll see.

It’s a shame, it was doing real good before it retraced over the last four hours (before this screen), but it may still reach it today or tomorrow, we’ll see.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens

EURNZD short supply zone

Book wise…

I’m now around 40% of the book – Malcom X – where he is now in prison and discovers the importance of reading.

Was quite interesting to see how he believed that the white man was the devil, never really looked at it in such a manner, was quite eye opening – I believe times changed tho – but still.

An interesting idea that popped up in my mind while reading this book is the question of jail, especially sending people to jail – behind bars – which will create resentment. That brought me back to the idea of having a jury of peers of the same minority decide whenever jail time is awarded and if so for how long.

That moves the decision away from a Judge, usually a white old man, towards people that are “like you”. It may create less resentment and lower the rate of radicalization within prisons (where it is the highest).

It’s just an idea, and I’m no where that will influence those decisions (for now)

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