Wednesday 7th of October

I’m going to be honest, I don’t have anything on my FX watchlist for today, I mean sure I’m still eyeing up CHF/JPY and EUR/AUD both for shorts, but there’s still a lot of room before they get interesting.

I’ll quickly share the two charts, and then I’ll write about my sessions with Jared Tendler (the author of Mental Game of Poker) in a separate post, I’ll link it back here and in tomorrow’s watchlist

Here it is:

Daily Watchlist


I’ve had this supply zone on watch for quite a while, I still believe it’s a gorgeous counter zone, but I’ve been eyeing it up since, well mid June

So I’m being patient, if we reach it I’ll be happy to take a position if one shows up, I can’t do anything else but wait, and study.

In terms of weekly it has a clear stack, so I’ll be happy to go ahead with this trade once it’s inside the zone.

If the zone is broken, then no worries, we’ll have a clear new counter zone – all in all nothing bad can happen

EUR/AUD Supply 7th of october


Now you guys must start getting tired of me mentionning CHF/JPY every single day – at least I didn’t say anything about it over the weekend 🙂

Sadly it went lower compared to where it was yesterday, it can still reach the zone, or break the demand zone whatever, I’ll be happy once there’s movement, I’m not complicated.

I have no regret not taking this trade long, it didn’t fill all 6 criteria I have, only 5, so it’s not part of my plan.

CHFJPY supply zone wednesday 7th of october

Book wise…

I decided to keep reading the auto-biography of MalcomX, it’s starting to get a bit more interesting than where I stopped last, however, I still don’t really see why it’s supposed to be one of the best books ever written.

That being said, I’m only around 30% of the book, so still have a fair amount to read, he’s still a kid trying to hustle. Well, succeeding.

Had a quick look at quotes in goodreads see if there was any good content coming up, or if I should put it down, and saw quite a few good ones, so looking forward to finishing it.

Wrong is wrong, no matter who does it or says it.”

Malcom X

Tweet of the day

Know your limits 🙂

That’s it for today, have a great one!

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