Tuesday 6th of October 2020

I know people want to discover new insights every single time they visit a blog, there’s a willingness to learn, which I think is amazing, we grow because we are willing to do the work and be uncomfortable. However, I think today I’m going to bring you back to the reality of a day/swing trader – sometimes there’s nothing much on watch.

You have to be fine with being on the sidelines, you just have to be ready for when a good swing is there.

Daily Watchlist


I’m still eying up the same supply zone, however, the more I look at it, the more I come to realize that there’s probably a lot of stops before that zone.

So I actually would be more interested if it reaches the zone above, the one we missed by a couple of pips. If we reach that level, retail traders will have been stopped out, and institutions will be able to pile into this trade to the downside.

Time will tell, I’ll take an entry if my script provides me with one in whichever zone it is




CHF/JPY is another pair that I’ll be keeping an eye on today, as per yesterday, I believe the zone is valid, it’s definitely not the prettiest, however if we didn’t adjust the trendline, there were only two closes below it, before the price broke it once again.

There’s an extremely clear weekly stack on top of it, so I’ll take a set-up if there’s one. That being said, I have no attachment to it whenever it is a loss or a win



Oh and I’ve recently been working on pattern recognition before the price gives an entry, as well as the following price action to understand if there’s a method to identify losers and close them early.

Quite interesting data coming out. However, the more analysis and more filters I apply the more data I need…

Will need a data army one of these days 🙂

Book wise…

I’ve finished Josseph Kessel, Le Lion, I thought it was beautiful, really enjoyed it the descriptions could teleport you there.

Here’s a quote (in french I really liked)

Que feriez vous donc, si ce n’etait pas un devoir?

Le seul bon cote du devoir est justement de rendre toute question sans objet

Joseph Kessel

I don’t have any accents ion my keyboard sorry 🙂

But yes, thought it was pretty.

I’m now back to reading the biography of Malcom X

Tweet of the day

Charlie Munger, a guy worth listening to

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