Monday 5th of October

As Max Nieveld says, the markets are like waves, there are times where the waves are perfect, times when there’s no wave to ride, where you just have to wait for the right wave to come.

We still have to be on our toes and remain self aware, if there’s a wave, we want to surf it, but in the meanwhile we may as well just do some work and not focus too much on the live market.

At least we can practice our skill while backtesting, for surfers that’s way harder!

Let’s get into the important stuff, our FOREX watchlist

Daily Watchlist


I’ll still be keeping an eye out on Kiwi Dollar for a potential short over the next week, I really enjoyed how it broke the ascending trend line

The higher time frame isn’t the prettiest, but that being said, it is valid. We’ll see what happens.

Would be extremely surprised if it reaches the supply zone tho, but time will tell.


Which pair to add…

Okay I think I’ll mention CHF/JPY since I didn’t mention it on Friday

Swiss Yen, the two safe havens, is on my weekly watchlist, I do not believe anything will happen today for it to reach a supply area around 116.5

I didn’t take the long set-up from the demand zone because it did not fully check all my criterias, it fulfilled 5 out of 6 I use, but it wasn’t all six so I stayed out, and followed my plan.

There are times like this you regret being picking but, overall it’s worth it!



Yallah, I’ll add another pair, can’t only mention two and not three, plus it’s Monday, so might as well start on a good foot for the week!

Here the zone is rather clear, we had a small run/trend higher – we can easily identify higher highs and higher lows, so no hesitation there.

There’s a weekly stack, we’ll have to slightly adjust the zone for it to fit, but in the meanwhile I’ll keep my zone like this.


Book wise…

I’ve finished reading Lives of the Stoics – and I really enjoyed it, I’m going to leave you with three short quotes from it:

Be tolerant with others, strict with yourself

That one is super hard, especially for myself

What worries you masters you

Start praying like this and you’ll see:

Not some way to sleep with her – but a way to stop wanting to

Not some way to get rid of him – but a way to stop trying

Not someway to become a millionaire – but a way to stop wanting to be one

I’m currently reading a french book by Joseph Kessel, Le Lion, I haven’t tried to improve my french in a long time, and it’s something I should do. Instead I’ve been chilling on my acquired knowledge but it’s time to work a bit and improve my vocabulary.

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