Thursday 1st of October 2020

This is a rare day in my FX career I think I’ve had something on watch at least 90% of the days, even if I didn’t believe it would happen that same day, I’d still want to check on it.

However today it appears that there’s nothing at all that looks ready / close to a supply and demand zone for me to take a position.

I’ll work on breaking down all the zones quarter down to monthly down to weekly today to get a good understanding / refresh my views on every single currency pairs and then take some time off to read my book and go to the market.

I feel bad for not mentioning a single pair, since I noticed there’s more and more people that come to this blog by searching for it in their google search engine, which I want to thank you for. It’s incredible to me that people are interested in what I do and what I see.

Daily Watchlist


Kiwi Dollar still has an extremely gorgeous supply zone, we’re not too far away and we may reach it today, I think it’s doubtful that we’ll reach it today but I have an alert set.

The way the wedge broke while giving us an imbalance level was just too pretty not to mention once again

WvdiThyw (1796×1286)

That being said, I’m not going to take up much of your time, since as I previously said, I don’t see much of interest on the charts today.

Book wise…

I’m still reading Lives of the Stoics

I’m really enjoying it, it’s really cool to see how even between the “school masters” there were disagreements as to how we should reach virtue, what is indifferent and what isn’t.

Learning a lot from it, and discovering new “mentors” of sorts from it so I’ll have loads of new individuals to study and model in the future

Tweet wise…. Here’s my favourite of the day

I’m cheating by putting two, but they agree with what they say, so why the hell not 🙂

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