Monday 21st of September 2020

Let’s get started with my daily FX watchlist? I trust you all had a fantastic weekend?

I was lucky and got to hang out with @adventure_with_p another FX trader that’s been living the digital nomad for the last two years, had some nice conversations! Always good to hang out with fellow traders!

Daily Watchlist


As mentioned last week AUD/NZD will be on my watchlist this week too! I really like this zone, however, it has been touched, which is fine as long as the price pushes back into it asap.

I need the zone to remain “fresh” therefore the price can’t pull too far away before I see this zone as invalid.

I do not have a mechanical way to define when a zone is no longer fresh, I probably should look into it.

Hell, see, coming to that realization thanks to this blog post made me spending time every day to share my watchlist worthwhile!

FpQSLPtx (1796×1323)


Aussie Yen is the second aussie pair I’ll be eying up for this week.

I’m not surprised to the see that two Aussie pairs are close to a zone, it makes sense, after all it’s the same currency so it actually reinforces my long bias.

That being said, this is a rather distant counter zone, so we’ll see what happens

There’s also a potential short towards the end of the week if the price reaches 78 once again so will keep my eyes on that area as well.

However, for today I’ll be looking for a potential long

cGC83IDl (1796×1323)


Kiwi Dollar is yet another FX pair I’ll have on my daily watch

The zone I believe is valid, it’s a counter zone, not the prettiest counter zone, I’ll admit, however it is still valid therefore I’ll have to keep an eye on the price action

That being said, the higher timeframe works rather well for me, so I’m happy to take it, the market structure also indicates a potential strong impulsive move once it breaks out, would it be to the upside or downside

However, I would prefer if the market moves to the higher zone instead of breaking down from this zone, a nice fake out of this market pattern would be fun to see.

I hope Kiwi looses value and the Pound gains value since I’m still in my GN long tho 🙂

9P5Dkuqn (1796×1323)

Book wise…

I’ve started Epictetus Discourses, a good and interesting read so far, however, I wouldn’t recommend it for someone that wants to get into Stoicism, it’s a bit of a heavier read I would say?

As in it takes a format of argumentation instead of sharing quotes and key aspects of the philosophy

But one of my favorite quote is:

No great things is created suddenly

He takes the example of someone wanting figs

If you want figs, you’ll have to plant a tree

Wait for the tree to grow

Wait for the tree to have enough leaves

Wait for the tree to start having unripe figs

Wait until the figs are ripe before eating

Then finally you can have your fig.

Anything you really want, will probably take its time, don’t expect anything to happen tomorrow.

Tweet wise…. Here’s my favourite of the day

I can’t remember who says it but…

A lit bit of us dies every day. Death just happens when the sum of those bits adds up to 1.

We live on borrowed time, so make it worthwhile, otherwise you won’t be able to face death when it comes

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