Tuesday 8th of September

Lets jump into my daily FX watchlist without any delay 🙂

Daily Watchlist


I’m liking AUD/NZD for a potential short

The area that suits me best will be just below 1.1 so we’ll see if the price reaches that key level, the weekly offers a rather nice stack so I’ll be keen to take this short

That being said, it’s not the cleanest zone, the zone it broke was more of a phase line than a strong trendline, but there was supply there, so let’s see if institutions are going to push the price back to that key level


QufHKZDk (1796×1323)


GBP/USD remains one of my favorite on watch for this week, definitely not for today, at least I don’t expect it, but good to keep it in mind so here’s the chart I’m looking at


hlNGaKwF (1796×1323)

For GBP/USD I’m basically waiting for the price action to reach around 1.29, from there on I’ll be very keen for a long, it also fits the trendline, to retest the high we just made (and either drop or keep heading higher from there)

Time will tell, but it’ll probably be on my watchlist for a while before anything happens to it


For a potential long between 1.785 and below I’ll be interested in taking a position, there’s a clear weekly stack that lead to a change in the trend.

We’ll see what happens once the price gets there, there’s nothing more to do than just wait until everything fits our strategy


xtLhCTED (1796×1323)

Book wise…

I’m still really enjoying myself reading Surely You’re Joking Mr Feynman – definitely worth it

Will finish it today and then find myself a new book to get into.

It’s a lovely book that gives you a view into the life of one of the smartest people around.

Tweet wise…. Here’s my favourite of the day

Have a fantastic day!

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