Tuesday 1st of September 2020

Happy new month all! Let’s start it the proper way and talk about our watchlist. I didn’t post a watch list yesterday since I was out trying to run (I managed!!) a half marathon, so didn’t have much time left that morning

Let’s hope this month gives us loads of opportunities to make some decent returns!


I’m rather liking this zone I’ll be the first to admit, yesterday the price didn’t reach high enough to have a clear higher timeframe stack, however we now have it, the price reached the monthly imbalance

The zone is rather nice, it’s not the strongest but it remains a clear one, however I do not want the price to move a lot further, I’m fine if the price breaks the imbalance zone since the selling zone is always a bit bigger but…



I rather like it, the zone was rather clear and obvious in July 2019, so I’m assuming a fair amount of people will be eying it up too, which is always a good thing, the more institutions are looking to short, the better, well as long as people are still hitting our offers 🙂

NZD/USD is a rather strange one tho, since we had 3 zones yesterday, we broke one yesterday that’s why I’m not showing it, but we may keep heading higher to go and reach the last one before the reversal



And the third but not last, GBP/JPY, I’ll be eying it up for a potential short once it reaches the zone, there’s no weekly stack, however, there’s a nice monthly imbalance so I’ll definitely be looking for it

The selling zone is a counter zone, the only drawback is that it’s rather far from the zone it broke to the downside but… Will definitely be worth keeping an eye on it!


And that’s it for me watch wise (for today that is)

Book wise…

I’m still enjoying Walden and The duty of Civil Disobedience by Henry Thoreau

It’s definitely less of a page turner the more you move into it, the idea is fantastic, it makes me want to live simply and build my own house next to a pond, but at the same time… I’d miss trading 🙂

Tweet wise…. Here’s my favorite of the day

The key point being, “In the end” both Robert Greene and Ryan Holiday know they can make easy money marketing a shitty product, but it wouldn’t make them win – in the end.

Make sure whatever you do has the end in mind!

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