Thursday 27th of August 2020

My daily watchlist is like this:


It’s on watch, definitely not for today, but I’ll keep an eye on it, I’d be keen for a long around the 70.00 level, I’ve got a nice counterzone there so will be definitely keeping an eye out for it.

However, once it breaks this current trendline / phase line it may create an imbalance at this level which would make it an interesting short if it has a higher timeframe stack (just checked, it has one)

If you looked at my AUD/USD chart yesterday, you would’ve noticed the zone I had draw around the 70.00 level was a lot bigger, it is smaller today since I adjusted the zone to the higher time frame stack which made it smaller


I’m still liking this pair, it’s been on watch for the entire week I’ll admit, sadly, EUR/AUD is move sideways so there hasn’t been much change

Let’s hope we’ll get to short it before it gets to the lower zone where we’ll be looking for a long, otherwise it’s life and there’s nothing we can do, we’ll just have to wait


I’m still keen for a short on GBP/AUD, we’ll see how that goes, it’s the same s EUR/AUD, however we could argue that it’s currently forming a correction to push one more leg higher before breaking down so I’m happy as it is

I’ll be interested in both long and shorts so I’ll take whichever comes first, the price action will decide for me


Yaaaaa one new pair on my watchlist! Exciting no?! I thought so!

Here I’ll be looking for a short around 1.81, it has a monthly stack, I’m liking our current weekly candle, however that means if we close like this, we’ll have to wait for next week to be able to take a shot at a short on this pair.

But that’s trading, just sitting on your hands waiting for the right moment


OH MY JOLY GOD, yet another pair on watch what am I doing, I’m too kind 🙂

Actually this is a pair I barely ever trade but was mentioned by one of my mentors @newcapitalfx so I thought I should check it out and it was indeed a good one so I’m adding it to my own watchlist.

That’s the benefit of having a community!

Book wise…

I’m still enjoying Walden and The duty of Civil Disobedience by Henry Thoreau

Tweet wise…. Here’s my favorite of the day

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