Wednesday 26th of August

Let’s keep sharing the daily watchlist when it comes to my FX trading…

A rather boring week, no movement whatsoever in the pairs I was keen on sadly… That being said, rather happy since I was really struggling yesterday without my coffee

My watchlist sadly hasn’t really evolved so if I may, I’ll just copy paste yesterdays watch (sshhh don’t tell anyone) and yes I actually even copy pasted this… Sorry but…

However, before I do that, I’ll add AUD/USD

It’s on watch, definitely not for today, but I’ll keep an eye on it, I’d be keen for a long around the 70.00 level, I’ve got a nice counterzone there so will be definitely keeping an eye out for it.

Before you ask whenever I care about the fundamental move of a more bearish USD, I’ll just say, I don’t trade fundamentals, I keep them in mind, especially for longer term positions, however most of my trades are closed within a week, so aside from big news I don’t except much movement


I am observing a counter zone at 1.666 to 1.676 that could be quite interesting so my alert is set there.

There’s also a rather clear weekly stack so I’ll be keen on it once the price reaches that zone


Rather similar to EUR/AUD it’s a clear counterzone

The zone I’m looking at is 1.851 up to 1.866, once the price gets there I’ll be looking for a nice little short, it also has a weekly stack


I’m also interested in GBP/USD for a short coming from a zone that was created due to a trend line break (so taking the best value). The zone I’m looking at goes from 1.333 up to 1.342 (or maybe even up to 1.351)

There’s also a clear weekly stack so rather keen, looking forward to it reaching that zone


Liking this potential zone, we’ll see what happens once the zone is reached

The zone I have drawn goes from 0.855 on to 0.848

Book wise…

I’m still enjoying Walden and The duty of Civil Disobedience by Henry Thoreau

I’m not sure if it will give me a lot of quotes, however I am rather enjoying the fact it makes you reflect

So instead, I’ll leave you from a different book (A Guide to the good life by W Irvine)

One way to avert this anger is to think about how we would feel if the incident had happened to someone else
instead. If we were at someone’s house and his servant broke a cup, we would be unlikely to get angry; indeed,
we might try to calm our host by saying “It’s just a cup; these things happen.” Engaging in projective
visualization, Epictetus believes, will make us appreciate the relative insignificance of the bad things that happen
to us and will therefore prevent them from disrupting our tranquility.

A guide to the good life

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