Monday 24th of August 2020

Hope you had an amazing weekend guys!

Let’s dive straight in, I’m sorry but there’s more or less nothing on watch for today, I’m still eying up the same pairs as I was on Friday


I am observing a counter zone at 1.666 to 1.676 that could be quite interesting so my alert is set there.

There’s also a rather clear weekly stack so I’ll be keen on it once the price reaches that zone


Rather similar to EUR/AUD it’s a clear counterzone

The zone I’m looking at is 1.851 up to 1.866, once the price gets there I’ll be looking for a nice little short, it also has a weekly stack


I’m also interested in GBP/USD for a short coming from a zone that was created due to a trend line break (so taking the best value). The zone I’m looking at goes from 1.333 up to 1.342 (or maybe even up to 1.351)

There’s also a clear weekly stack so rather keen, looking forward to it reaching that zone


Liking this potential zone, we’ll see what happens once the zone is reached

The zone I have drawn goes from 0.855 on to 0.848

Book wise…

I’ve finished reading The Prince (By Machiavelli)

I’ve just started Walden and The duty of Civil Disobedience by Henry Thoreau

Really enjoyed the Prince so I’d highly recommend it

Instead of doing a recap, figured I’d share the three key lessons it brought out for me

1- don’t hire mercenaries, what they build enables you to go fast but you’ll loose it (land) quickly once they leave you, they aren’t fighting for you, they are fighting only for money (freelancers) i.e. it’s better to have a team than have freelancers

2- don’t invite a powerful person close to you, don’t offer to Spain if you’re France to split Italy if they have no presence there, it will just create a potential enemy on that side too — help weaker players because they’ll be grateful and can’t fight you, helping players of your size makes them more dangerous (i.e. be careful who you help in business they could eat you)

3- while dealing with people you have two choices, be nice and hope they’ll come to your side because of it or really really hurt badly them so they can’t avenge themselves even if they want to in the future (i.e. if someone starts a conflict with you, best way to finish it is making sure the other guy can’t stand afterwards)

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