Friday 21st August 2020

Let’s get started with my daily watchlist

I probably should’ve waited for a more interesting day to start sharing my daily watch but whatever 🙂


I am observing a counter zone at 1.666 to 1.676 that could be quite interesting so my alert is set there.

There’s also a rather clear weekly stack so I’ll be keen on it once the price reaches that zone


Rather similar to EUR/AUD that’s why I’m not going to follow the alphabetical order (by the way, why is there an order? It’s just letters, are we saying that M is better than N? anyway…)

The zone I’m looking at is 1.851 up to 1.866, once the price gets there I’ll be looking for a nice little short, it also has a weekly stack


I’m also interested in GBP/USD for a short coming from a zone that was created due to a trend line break (so taking the best value). The zone I’m looking at goes from 1.333 up to 1.342 (or maybe even up to 1.351)

There’s also a clear weekly stack so rather keen, looking forward to it reaching that zone


Liking this potential zone, we’ll see what happens once the zone is reached, it may be a little weaker than the previous three but figured I should probably mention it anyway

The zone I have drawn goes from 0.855 don to 0.848

Book wise…

I’m currently reading The Prince (By Machiavelli)

It’s rather good if I may say so! It may be targeted to the 16th century and for princes, but there’s so many similarities in life both personal and business that I think it is great.

I’m about half way through the book and he shows the drawback of using mercenaries to gain control of territories, that example can be used in business these days about hiring agencies to do your marketing etc… It may be useful in the short term but it sets you up for your failure in the longer term

If an injury has to be done to a man it should be so severe that his vengeance need not be feared.


Have a good one and see you on Monday!

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